A few words about us

Since 1997, Systems LMP has been synonymous with innovation when it comes to refrigeration, synthetic refrigerant, and now natural refrigerant (R-744 /CO2). During the manufacturing process of the units, a rigorous verification process is established, ensuring our products meet high quality standards. This approach has enabled us to break into the Canadian and American markets, and aim for future expansion to the three Americas.

We are proud to offer the most advanced patented technology, renowned for its quality and reliability. Our designers are concerned about the environment and saving energy, and design systems in compliance with the new standards. When you do business with Systems LMP, you get to work with top people.


1) Design efficient, customized systems.
2) Set the example for new technologies.
3) Reduce energy costs.
4) Reduce maintenance costs.
5) Develop ambient air treatment systems.
6) Distribute our products throughout the 3 Americas.

Our firm caters to entrepreneurs, engineering firms and distributors specialized in the field of cold production. Whether your needs are for large or small capacity, we are standing by to assist you.

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